#1 Panzers Patch v1.06 von SubSilver 28.06.2014 21:46


The update includes severals multiplayer maps, various bugfixes, and some new features and general enhancements

- The frequently requested cooperative mode is now available for single-player missions. Note: missions must first be completed in single-player mode before they are available for cooperative play.

- Unit limits have been placed on maps to help reduce lag in online multiplayer

- Players can transfer units to each other in multiplayer and cooperative modes

- Maps download more quickly


- One new multiplayer Team Match map (supports up to four players)
- Four new eight-player Domination maps
- One new six-player Domination map
- One new four-player Domination map
- One new multiplayer Mission map (supports up to four players)

General Bug fixes:

- "Test in Game" button works in the mission editor
- Many small bug fixes



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