#1 Jolly Mod v3.0 von SubSilver 28.06.2014 20:16


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Date Added: 08-25-2005

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This is version.3 of JOlly, a Codename Panzers Phase 2 modification.
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Here I would like to make a few notes, as this version's readme is not included. 1)to install, unzip to ...Panzers Phase2RunMain 2)thanks to "Guitar" for his excellent work on small changes for multiple skins for 1 model, this was inderectly used; to "Francebunkerer" for his solution to the modding problem; "Skinny" for his very limited work on this mod with skinning, I thank him very much; and to all others who helped me along, also, I am looking for a skinner, if you are interested, and good with this stuff, I can get you tools if needed, and I would love your help, as I have no talent in this, contact me at cmrisley@bellsouth.net



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