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Here it is v0.28 of the Codename Panzers Phase Two modification Jolly Mod.
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Here it is v0.28. The BMW r75 was added. The sturmtiger can be seen in also. Two versions of the slugger are in there: a wrecked version with a swivel-track-mounted 50 cal and the regular. 4 Heroes were added. gunther von heider(medic), beethoven von deicyt(hungarian armored infantry), John Paul de Gaul(french foreign legion), Jonny T Lightning (7th armored), Rex T Bone (USMC). Units.ini was not able to be added, so custom units do not have description/identification, Imported from Phase 1 units will have foggy textures if fog is on, so be careful! The BMW will now show 1 rider.


Start a folder named "main" in your .../Panzers Phase 2/Run Folder and Extract the contents into it.
Mod by Sandfox, British Sherman skin by skinny



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