#1 THE KURSK MOD von SubSilver 28.06.2014 20:05


****For Panzers Phase 2 Version 1.06 mod

1. Remove any other mods from your Panzers-Phase2\Run\mods folder

2. Copy the folder called "kursk mod" (inside the "mods" folder of the download) into your
Panzers-phase2\Run\mods folder.

3. Copy the 3 multiplayer maps from the downloaded "multimaps" folder into your Panzers-phase2\Run\multimaps folder

4. Copy the 4 scenarios and their .ini files (8 files total) from the "scenarios" folder in the download to your Panzers-phase2\Run\scenarios.

5. Start game with mod .exe

****Play the single player scenarios in order they are lined up (alphebetic):

1. Cherkasskoye

2. Ponyri

3. Ponyri 2

4. Provhorovka



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