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Finally the first full mod for Codename: Panzers phase two from Darthsidious22. WinRAR needed to open, includes readme. Enjoy!!!!
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Here's my first modiflication for Codename: Panzers phase two. I have relased the beta version in 2008 but here's the full version now. I have uploaded a plenty of new units, tiles, roads and textures for this full version. It includes five ready scenario missions and allows you to use these new units and objects to create your own scenario using many new additions. You can learn doing this by reading the readme. I hope you enjoy!!


This is the readme txt for my first Codename: Panzers phase two modiflication, KARLMOD.

== Installation ==
Installing is very easy: just copy the file 'karlmod' into your working directory (by
default: c:\program files\PANZERS - phase 2\Run) and then move it into your 'Mods'
directory. Then start 'Panzers with mods' and you should be able to play the mod.

== Using the new units with level-editor ==
I have imported plenty of new units, objects, roads and other stuff from Codename:
Panzers phase one. You can use these units and other things in the scenario missions
that are included in this packade, or you can use them in your panzers phase 2 level-editor.

1. Open the 'karlmod' folder included in this zip file, and then select six folders: 'maps',
'buildings', 'objects', 'roads', 'tiles' and 'units'. Then right click and copy these
folders. Then open your run\main folder and paste these files there.

2. Now open your level-editor and create your own maps with these new additions that
should now be found from the level-editor.

3. You must save these scenarios into your mods folder to make them playable. Save your
new scenario to your run\mods\karlmod\scenarios -folder. Then start Panzers 2 with mods
and play your scenario.

== About ==
This new full version Karlmod includes a lot of new units, objects, tiles, roads and other
stuff imported from Panzers phase one, including hungarian units and french units, objects
like trees, snowed tiles and roads and much more. It includes also five high-quality
scenarios you might try to beat.

== Technical support ==
This is a home-made mod and is not supported by cdv any other company. If you have
problems with running it, try to contact me on filefront.com or ask for help from some
other modding genius, since this is a basic mod that any other modder can handle.

Thank you for downloading Karlmod full version!!
I hope you enjoy!



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