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This is my first modification for Codename: Panzers phase II. This is also a beta version, so be waiting for the full version, which will include lots of maps and even more units from Panzers phase one. You need WinRAR to open, readme included.
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So here's my fist modification for Codename: Panzers phase two. This is the beta version of the now-under-work Karlmod full version, which will include tens of units and buildings imported from Codename: Panzers phase one. The upcoming mod will also include lots of scenario missions and maybe new musics or skins... But we aren't living those days yet, so enjoy this beta version. This version allows you to create your missions with few buildings and new units (like French, polish or Hungarian field guns, tanks and infantry) from Codename: Panzers phase one. This version sadly doesn't include any scenarios, except the test scenario in which i tested most of the new units, because, as mentioned, this is still the beta. I hope you ENJOY!!


============== Karlmod free version ==============
Here's my first modiflication for Codename: Panzers phase two. But keep in mind, that
this is just a beta version, which you can use to make your own mods for Panzers
(instruction below). This mod doesn't include any maps I have made by these new
modiflications, but I'll relase a new version of Karlmod ('Karlmod full version') at
some moment. I am planning to extract even more Pz phase one files to the full version.
I have also plans to make full campaings of missions or copy missions from Pz phase one.

============ Instructions ============

This mod doesn't have an exe program because I want that you can manually modiflicate
the mod to your own personal style if you want.

1. Here's instructions how to install the mod:

*First extract the rar. file to your run\mods -directory.
**Then move the file 'karlmod' to your mods -directory. Now you can click on the 'run
Panzers with mods' and play my test scenario (named unnamed - Mods\karlmod\scenarios\aa.map

2. So here's instructions how to do your scenario maps with the modiflications:
*Go to your Panzers home directory, double-click on 'Mods' and then on 'karlmod'.
**Then select files 'units', 'buildings' and 'objects', right click and copy the three
***Then go to your Panzers home directory again, go to file named 'main' (if it doesn't
exist, create it) and paste the files there. Now when you start level-editor, you can
find lots of new buildings and units and you can create maps with them.

3. Playing maps made with the new files.

*You must save your maps made with the modiflication to the following folder:
Run\Mods\karlmod\scenarios. DO NOT save them into your usual run\scenarios folder,
because then your maps won't work.
**Then start game with the 'Start Panzers with mods.exe' and you see your new mission(s)
with the other scenarios.

NOTE: When these three files I mentioned early are in the 'main' -folder, you cannot play
the retail version of the game (the files are "corrupted"). When you want to play
the retail version again, you must delete these files. So when you stop modding your
new maps, just delete the three additional files from your 'run\main' folder, and the
retail game should work well again. When you want to mod again, just repeat the modding

============ Technical support ============

As most of you hopefully already think, this mod is not supported by cdv nor Stormregion.
This is a private-made mod. But if you have problems with it or something goes baldy
wrong, you can always make contact with me here:

Thank you for downloading!!
~~~~~~ Darthsidious22



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