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Modification for Panzers Phase II again from DS2. It contains 2 scenario missions, new-like tutorial and one new menu. You need WinRAR to open this file. Readme included.


<---------------------------->Readme for DSMod<---------------------------->


1. Extract files to your Panzers Phase II folder.

2.Move files in main --> maps to your run\main\maps folder (if you don't have,
create one). Then move files in scenarios folder to your run\scenarios folder.

3. Start game and have fun playing!

DSMod is a small modiflication for Panzers Phase II. First african menu is replaced with
another, Tutorial is replaced with a never-ending jungle battle between Italians and
French troops. It also contains 2 new scenarios.

Thanks for downloading!
- Darthsidious22


DSMod & scenario map

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