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The Goddess 1.0 Readme

1.0 Summary

"The Demigoddess" is an ENB configuration that aims to bring a more stylized, fantastic, and beautiful look to the land of Skyrim. It's an older, more mature version of the .117-based "Goddess" config that I also have available - same basic look, but without all of the latest features and with a lesse performance hit. Like it's big sister, it's the evolution of the configuration that I've used for the last few months and is designed pretty specifically to my personal tastes, but if you've seen and liked my screenshots over the last couple of months you might want to give it a look.

It's tough to describe exactly what the "look" of the config is because it's pretty mercurial - fortunately I have a lot of example shots to showcase some of the effects you can expect. One way that I think about it is that it takes any visual effect in the game and makes it just a bit more: if it's dark out, it gets darker and scarier; bright sunny days look more colorful and vibrant while dark cloudy days look more grim and foreboding; shadows become darker and more complexly detailed while light sources become brighter and clearer. Seriously, look at the screenshots... they do a much better job of explaining it than I can. Three things I know for sure: It generates very realistic skin tones, very dramatic lighting and shadows, and some really impressive skies.

It is a performance-intensive configuration, but it's not dramatically more demanding than many of the other complex ENB setups that I've used - if you've tried Midhrastic or The Wilds, it's maybe just a touch heavier than they are. First and foremost I've built it to look good, but even with all of the eye candy features turned on I get solidly playable frame rates in even the most difficult areas - not 60+ FPS, but a solid 30-45.

I've tried very hard to ensure that it's a balanced configuration. While it has strengths and weaknesses like any other, I've worked to make it so there's no weather, time of day, lighting condition, or location that doesn't look at least pretty good to my eye - your mileage may vary as they say. I don't think you'll have issues with overbright days, superbright snow, or radioactive grass unless you're using modded assets that I haven't tested (see the "Recommended Mods" and "Troubleshooting/FAQ" section of the download page for some mods that might cause problems).

This download includes two variants: one with and one without the cinematic vignette/letterbox effect for a total of four options. I'm not planning on releasing a million other variants - again I've built this to my tastes, and all of the visuals are interconnected so it's not easy to, for example, make the nights brighter without also breaking the interior lighting or other effects that rely on the same settings.

If you feel like adjusting the configuration to better meet your personal tastes you're more than welcome to, and I'll help with advice to the extent that I'm able, but aside from fixing actual bugs, minor tweaking as my tastes change or the inclusion of new ENB features as they become available I'm not planning on continuing to put a ton of work into this config.

2.0 Installation

**Both versions require the correct version of the D3D9.dll wrapper in order to work - this is NOT included in either download.

To download the latest version of the .113 wrapper visit http://enbdev.com/mod_tesskyrim_v0113.htm - the official download page - and follow the instructions there.

**Do not use the Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) to install the ENB configuration. Download the version that you want manually and extract to a convenient location.

Inside this folder you will see two sub-folders, one for the version with the vignette (the black bars at top and bottom) and one without. Open whichever folder you prefer to use and copy all of the contained files into your Skyrim directory (the folder with the Skyrim exectutable, not the Data folder).

**Find the version of the ENB files that you downloaded in step 1 and extract that folder to a convenient location. From the extracted folder copy ONLY the D3D9.dll file into your Skyrim directory - everything else you need to run the config whould already be installed.

**Launch Skyrim and load a save or start a new game. If everything is installed correctly you'll see text in the top left corner of the screen as it loads that tells you what version of the DLL you have loaded, followed by a message stating that SSAO is enabled.

If you don't see that text and/or the game still looks like vanilla, go back to step 1 and see if you might have skipped a step, or copied files to the wrong directory.

If it still doesn't work check the "FAQ/Troubleshooting" section of the mod download page or drop by the comment thread and see if anyone else has had (and hopefully solved) the same problem.



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