#1 Codename Panzers Phase Three Red Version V2 Cancelled... von TankCommander 22.10.2017 17:31


Hi all,
Sadly the planned Codename Panzers Phase Three Red Version V2 Mod by MABM009 has been officially cancelled after a long wait. I long suspected this would not see the light of day because of people's lack interest in Codename Panzers these days. But that's the way of most old games no matter how good they are.

However! the installation password for Red Version V1 is now publicly visible for all to see on warmachine.moy.su without the need to contact MABM009 directly.


Update 29/10/2018:

The Panzers Phase Three Red Version V1 Mod installation password has been removed from public view! It would appear that MABM009 may have reverted back to a installation password request via his website after registration.

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