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#1 Project - the missing campaigns von roadie 14.03.2016 13:15


Dear community,
I have begun working on 3 campaigns for codename panzers phase two. Please have a look at the demo mission I made and let me know what you think. Thank you.
english version:
deutsche version:
these are 3.3MB zip files that contain the mission, a briefing jpeg and a readme pdf.

I have made a teaser which is on vimeo:

Have Fun.

#2 RE: Project - the missing campaigns von roadie 17.03.2016 12:54


Liebe Codename Panzers Gemeinde,
Ich arbeite an 3 Kampagnen für Phase 2 und würde mich freuen wenn ihr die Demo Mission spielt und mir sagt was Ihr von der Karte haltet damit ich sie verbessern kann. Ich muss noch rausfinden wie ich localization mache und daher poste ich jede sprachversion als eigenständige karte/mission. Deutsch, English und Serbisch kann ich selber texten. Ganz toll wäre wenn jemand mit Spanish, Italienisch oder Französisch helfen kann. Im Moment verbessere ich die Karte noch und werde aktuelle Versionen hier und auf der Panzers III Seite sowie der moddb Seite posten. Ich hab dem ehemaligen Stromregion team geschrieben ( und gefragt ob sie jedwede Dokumentation für Animaker oder Mission Editor schicken können. Falls Einer von euch noch Fakten zusammengetragen hat die nicht in den beiden Tutorial Dokumenten sind die es gibt, dann würde ich gern davon hören. Die Kampagnen sollen ohne Mod in einer Standard Installation von Phase 2 laufen. Ich freue mich über Ideen und konstruktive Kritik. Vielen Dank. Torsten.

#3 RE: Project - the missing campaigns von roadie 18.03.2016 13:08


demo mission in spanish

#4 RE: Project - the missing campaigns von roadie 19.03.2016 21:07


codename panzers - the missing campaigns hat jetzt ein zuhause:

#5 RE: Project - the missing campaigns von roadie 21.03.2016 09:29


Dear Panzers community,
it has been a week and I am wondering if anyone played the demo mission I made. I would appreciate feedback on this project. Thank you.
ha sido una semana y me pregunto si alguien jugó la misión de la demo que hice. Agradeceria comentarios acerca de este proyecto. Gracias.
eine Woche ist vergangen und ich frage mich ob jemand die demo mission gespielt hat. Ich freue mich über feedback zu diesem Projekt. Danke.

#6 RE: Project - the missing campaigns von roadie 22.03.2016 11:15


I started 4 maps using satellite overlays for reference - just testing how well that works - you can see one here:
They are under maps/battles - prokhorovka, goodwoods and reisiniai.
If anyone knows of resources to get arial images or other reference images from tank battle locations from that time - let me know please. Thank you.

#7 RE: Project - the missing campaigns von roadie 03.04.2016 19:35


Se actualizó la versión en español del mapa demo -

#8 RE: Project - the missing campaigns von roadie 06.04.2016 09:21


I need information on the HelpRange and Tactics values in the mission editor trigger menu. Also I need to know how to link .tga custom briefing screens into a mission. If you know about these or know a resource that provides this information, please let me know.

#9 RE: Project - the missing campaigns von roadie 08.04.2016 09:20


Update. I found this site that has a good collection of WW2 arial photography and bought a 1 year subscription
I skimmed through the site a bit and it looks good. I can now find location photos and use them to make the maps. All the photos have the date when they were taken and I am happy that this issue is solved.
So all the campaign missions will have actual true to scale locations from that time, yay.

Here is a test that shows this will work:

#10 RE: Project - the missing campaigns von roadie 14.04.2016 21:01


so here is the monthly report:

I am working on the second demo map but slowly. The first map was to get feedback (I don't know if anybody played it). This second map is much larger and is a test to see if I can get the AI to work nice and the Feel of the mission to be epic. Will take another month at least. So far I have solved the map reference problem. I can get the aerial photography and translate it into a game map. That being said - the material for Russia and the desert is not so abundant ... So now I will research historical documents on battles starting with France and Italy I guess using american sources and searching for german sources. From these I will try to find locations that are tight/condensed enough to make a great map. From the candidates I will filter those that could fit into a linear campaign much like the phase 1 and 2 campaigns were organised. Then I have to make the maps starting this summer if all goes well.
I am researching some information on the mission editor and the animaker and it looks ... not bad. The next months it will be slow but maybe I can get some support via the patreon page or with a donate button later once a few people see the progress and especially the second map. Of course it may well be that I won't find any financial support at all but that is ok too.
I will see this through and I will play the campaigns!!! (on Sundays).

I have got the stuff to do the tutorial videos but I have never made one and ... I will start seriously on that next week. And the manual will start taking shape too.
If I put something on the site I will post here immediately - and if I don't I will update here once a week that I am still on it.

#11 RE: Project - the missing campaigns von roadie 17.04.2016 10:42


Version 2 of the demo mission is available in German, English, Spanish and Serbian.

Looking for French, Italian and Russian translation help ... (and Hungarian of course :)

#12 RE: Project - the missing campaigns von roadie 17.04.2016 19:58


Update. I have abandoned the idea to get monthly funding via because they take 20% IIUC and that is just a waste for this project which will never go viral.
I still think that I might get a number of people to donate real money to making these campaigns but realistically this could maybe happen in a few months when the word gets around and people see that I deliver the quality and that in the end there will actually be 45 missions and 36 maps for everyone in 8 languages and in the quality that the original game has.
So sometime in the future I am going to put a donate button on the site and explain what people are supporting and what the roadmap/timeline is. For now I changed the 'teaser' video to point to the projects homepage and put it on youtube and vimeo:

So play the demo and link the site and the 'teaser' wherever you see fit. Thank you and I appreciate feedback on version 2 of the demo mission. I am working on the second mission and there will be one more desert mission before I start working on the actual campaign maps. These demo missions are a proof of concept if you like. For people to check out if they like them enough to support the project. (and for me to see if I will be able to pull this off).
Have a lovely day

#13 RE: Project - the missing campaigns von roadie 19.04.2016 13:13


I have found another great resource for WW2 arial photography, maps and photos -
This site has the eastern front photography that I was missing at (which in turn covers France and Italy very well).

#14 RE: Project - the missing campaigns von roadie 26.04.2016 08:40


I found that the demo mission has sunrise issues - at the bridge defence a second sunrise is scripted which leads to menu overlay glare <facepalm> - fixing it now and will upload later. I can also say that I have found the info I needed on how to use the HelpRange and Tactics values. I tested the knowledge in the german payback map and the AI is so much better and harder to beat. Very neat. I will write it up on the site later how to use these values. A big thank you to Achim and Maci for this.

#15 RE: Project - the missing campaigns von roadie 26.04.2016 09:53


I have fixed the issue and uploaded the missions to
I also posted the HelpRange and Tactics info on that page. Enjoy and please give feedback if you play the mission. Thank you.

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