#1 [HOT] Panzers Phase Two and 1/2 meets Kursk! [beta v0.5] von SubSilver 31.01.2015 16:02


Panzers Phase Two and 1/2 is an awesome alternativ campaign by our grateful Panzers Veteran nightgambler.

SubSilver´s - Panzers Phase Two and 1/2 meets Kursk! [beta v0.5] shots

BUT...playing this awesome campaign/mod with CPII vanillia settings kinda sucks...(sorry night)...so try this!:




Bringing togehter the Camaign and missions from Phase Two and 1/2 and the realism of Kursk mod!

For good gameplay expirience min difficulty of "Normal" recommended!

Enjoy playing realistic!

Installing - Panzers Phase Two and 1/2 meets Kursk! [beta v0.5]

You will find in the directory which you have unpacked:
-a directory \mods
-This Installationsanleitung.pdf
-a file game.ini
-a file of game.ini ORIGINAL

-Installed and working "code name: Phanzers phase two"
-Patchstand at least patch 1.06
-Knowledge in which directory the directory located \run of by tank
-very important: open a new player for the mod

Installation if you have installed so far no other mod
-copy the entire directory \mods directory of the \run
-copy the file game.ini in the directory \run (overwrite the existing game.ini)
-copy the file game.ini in the directory's ORIGINAL \run (for subsequent uninstallation of the mods)
-Note: as long as the mod is installed, tank to start with the file PANZERS_PHASE_2_MOD.EXE instead of PANZERS_PHASE_2.EXE. Both files are also in the \run

Installation if you already have installed a mod
No compatibilities with other MODs have been tested. If you have installed the Ardennenmod, GRANNY-mod, DAK-MOD or the like so these mods remove first. Copy the existing mod directories to a safe location, and then delete them in the \run-Verzeichnis. The existing game.ini you should also copy-ren and then delete.
Run then above the instructions, as if no other mod you have installed.

Games of codename: Panzers phase two & ½
-start with the file PANZERS_PHASE_2_MOD tank.EXE
-Open a new player
-Click on single player
-Choose the campaigns 'Axis of by nightgambler'

Uninstallation of codename: Panzers phase two & ½
-delete the directory \run directory \mods
-delete the directory \run the file game.ini
-call in the directory \run file game.ini ORIGINAL in game.ini to
-Start tank again with PANZERS_PHASE_2.EXE (original icon)



#2 RE: [HOT] Panzers Phase Two and 1/2 meets Kursk! [beta v0.5] von TankCommander 11.03.2015 02:01


Congrats on the new mod SubSilver! this was an unexpected surprise.
I have to say this is a very nice alternate version of Nightgambler's already superb Phase 2½ mod.
Very enjoyable, well done sir!

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