#1 Unit Winter Texture Pack No. 1 von SubSilver 25.01.2015 18:27


This mod adds winter textures (does not replace the old ones) for some units.

No. 1 Changes the following units:

*Flak 88mm
*Flak 88mm fixed
*Bison II
*Bedford QL Transporter
*Bedford QL Ammo Truck
*Bl 5-5inch
*Bofors 40mm
*British Sherman Firefly
*American Sherman Firefly
*Dodge WC57
*45mm AT Gun


1. Add "Mods" directory to your PANZERS\Run folder.
2. Replace the "game.ini" with the one in your PANZERS\Run folder.
You can now open Editor and access all new units.

Source: http://panzers.ucoz.com


Unit Winter Texture Pack No. 1

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