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XVI32 is a free hex-editor with the following main features:

- New: Runs on systems with > 2 GB virtual memory
- New: Bug fix (script command CHARCON is now working)
- Simplified search for Unicode Latin (UTF-16) strings
- Reload command
- Wheel mouse support
- Computing of CRC16 (standard) and CRC32 (PKZIP compatible)
for complete file and selected block (only if block is currently
- Data inspector to view decoded numbers
- Built-in script interpreter! Refer to online help for details
- Easily works with huge files. Try to open a 60 MB sized text
file with some other hex editor (not to speak about Wordpad),
then use XVI32...
- XVI32 allows to edit files up to 2 GB (enough virtual memory
provided, of course)
- For your convenience, XVI32 stores settings and last used
search strings etc. in XVI32.INI file
- Progress indication in percent for most operations
- You can abort nearly all operations (reading/writing files,
search, replace, print...)
- Display of both text (ASCII/ANSI) and hexadecimal
- Two synchronous cursors in text and hex area
- Fully resizeable window (change number of rows and columns)
- Font and font size adjustable
- Overwrite or insert characters
- Insert text or hex string n times
- Switch byte offset (address) of first byte between 0 or 1 to
examine also record structure of plain text files
- Search text or hex string, e.g. find "this text" or
find "0D 0A"
- Search optionally with joker char, e.g. find "A.C" or
"00 2E 2E 00" where "." = "2E" (user-defined) stands for
any character
- Fast searching algorithm (Quick search) for both search
directions (down/up)
- Count occurrences of text or hex string
- Replace text or hex string, e.g. replace "0D 0A" by "0A"
or replace "0D 0A" by text "EOL"
- Extremely fast "replace all" mode (if needed, additional
memory is allocated beforehead, not at every single
replacing operation)
- Auto-fill feature to copy bytes from current address into
input field for hex string using right arrow key
- Character conversion using self-defined character table
- Easy converting of text to hex string in dialogs
(e.g. "abc" -> "61 62 63")
- Decoding and encoding of 1, 2, 4, and 8 byte integers
or 4/8 byte floats in 2 possible byte orders
- Bit manipulation (view or set bits)
- Open file in Read Only mode (e.g. if opened by another application or to avoid
unintentional modifications)
- Insert file contents into file
- Write block to file
- Copy, move or delete block
- Clipboard support
- Goto address (absolute or relative up/down)
- Up to 9 named bookmarks
- Enter jump width and jump up/down
(useful for files with fixed record length)
- Patch BORLAND PASCAL 7.0 EXE files for execution on
processors > 200 MHz
- Printing with preview or print to file
- Easily access most recently used files
- No setup programm needed, doesn't write any data to registry
- And last, but not least: XVI32 is free!

Source: http://panzers.ucoz.com


XVI32 (version 2.51)

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