#1 Info: About [MEGA] Scenario-Mappack V von SubSilver 07.07.2014 22:45


A Special thanks here to our honoured member TankCommander, he just offered the Community another Large Pack of Major Maps like Al_Capone´s Harz or Norway Map, totally the Package containes 99 diffrent Map´s, as far as i can remember these maps, 92% of them are Scenario Maps.

Normally, were these maps belived to be total loss, since CDV and KaneLX Fourms went offline.

Thanks again, from the hole rest of the Community, TankCommander for sharing this.

PS. This is also a call to other members or guest´s of this site, if you still have some Codename Panzers Files on your PC which are not on this website, please be so kind and inform me about this, so we can share it with the community. I´m also taking the majority work on uploading, styling and repacking these files.

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